Tuesday, April 28, 2015
  Batala Washington
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1. Engorossi
2. Eledan
3. Toda raca humana
4. Oya
5. A mulher
6. Festa do rei
7. Arere ogunja
8. Avoir de javu
9. amor de cachoeira
10. l'ame du desert
11. Brest
12. Na pegada (Gordo)
13. Cortejando piraja (Gordo)
Raša Humana was recorded at the Batala House and in studio in Bahia, Brazil by Giba Gonšalves and Batala Paris. This CD is dedicated to Neguinho do Samba, the creator of the Samba Reggae.

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1. Gavotte du Pays de Vannes
2. Direto
3. Fatigue
4. Pirajá
5. Kasabarh
6. Curuzu

7. Amazing Grace

8. Liberdade
9. Ordinário
10. Lewis
11. Funk

Batucando was the first CD recorded by the Batala Band in Paris, in 2001. In a few of the tracks, the percussion is accompanied by bagpipes, played by Bagad Er Melinerion.

Currently sold out!

1. Agolele

2. Batala Hey
3. Afoxesafro
4. Coração Caboclo
5. Funk G
6. Morenna
7. Nova Miron Beat
8. Nova República
9. Katulatateto
10. Nova

11. Oxossi Arô
12. Ta-Ga-Dá
13. Volcan
14. Xireé
15. Endemburê
16. Reggaelá
17. Afoxélá
18. Cortejo Afro Beat
19. Omodê Orishalá

was recorded by the brazilian Batala Band in 2007. In 7 or the 19 tracks, instrumental arrangements were created by Gerônimo, a famous brazilian composer.

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