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  Batala Washington

Check out what people are saying about Batala.

Gallaudet Dance Company - April 2013
"The dance concert "Dance for Life," would not have been the same without having Batala Washington. I would like to thank you again for your participation in the dance concert. Without question, the entire audience enjoyed your performance. The music you provided got everyone dancing on their feet. Thank you for that. Please extend my thanks to all the performers. They are truly talented and wonderful drummers. Thank you again for being a part of this year's program and I look forward to working with you again next year."
Gallaudet Dance Company

National Symphony Orchestra - January 2013
"THANK YOU on behalf of the National Symphony for collaborating with our percussionists at the 9:30 Club during the 2013 NSO in Your Neighborhood. Our musicians and the audience members had a wonderful experience and we appreciate all of your efforts to make this event a success. "
Warren Williams - Event Organizer

Marine Corp Marathon - October 2012
"I wish I had the words to describe how much fun it was to run by you at the beginning of the 14th street bridge. Your group brings such energy and talent to your drumming. It gave me so much energy and I bet the marathoners who passed you after 19 miles felt even more the same. Emily and I and others are going to run the full marathon next year and I hope you guys are right there at the same spot to inspire us. Again thanks, and I think you guys are one of the coolest things I've ever seen in DC :) "
Glenn in Washington DC

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Fête de la Musique - June 2010
"We were very proud to have you perform and you should thank all of the women for their energy and amazing talent. Thank you for helping me organize this great performance and we all look forward to working with you again at the Embassy of France. "
Audrey C. Poupon, Embassy of France in Washington DC

Duke out in East Texas USA - August 2009
"I saw your tribe drumming on the web in DC and was moved to write you this letter. I have been drumming now for almost 40 years. I play the Djembe' and mostly AfroCuban rhythms. Drumming is the best thing that ever happened to me. Discovering hand drums led me to my inner rhythms and put me in a community of wonderful people that flourishes to this day. I will be 60 years old in August. I was shaving a skin and re-covering my favorite drum while watching video's when I saw yours. I am so proud for you and the woman who participate in your movement. When I began drumming years ago women would dance in the center of our circle but few would play the drum. It is so good to see you standing proud and tall, powerful and beautiful. I was sitting on the floor with my bare feet on my drum pulling the strings tight watching your group drumming and trying not to dance. It didn't work! I couldn't stop wiggling so I just put it down got up and danced. How great! Thank You .... Drumming is primitive and that's what makes it universal. Unite and share yourself with others. Celebrate your time here. Know that you affect every person that hears your drums, and that it's ALWAYS positive, pleasing and persuasive. Bless all of you ... and again Thank You for my huge smile, my cheeks are sore. Don't stop ... "
Regards, Love and Respect - Duke out in East Texas USA

UNIFEM/USNC/NCC Walk to End Violence against Women and Girls - April 2009
"Batala brought a wonderful energy to the finish line of the UNIFEM/USNC/NCC Walk to End Violence against Women and Girls. They are an amazing group of talented, empowered women! "
Crystal Rosario, UNIFEM/USNC/NCC Walk to End Violence against Women and Girls

African Diaspora Inaugural Ball - January 2009

UNIFEM/USNC/NCC Walk to End Violence against Women and Girls - April 2009
"Batala brought a wonderful energy to the finish line of the UNIFEM/USNC/NCC Walk to End Violence against Women and Girls. They are an amazing group of talented, empowered women! "
Crystal Rosario, UNIFEM/USNC/NCC Walk to End Violence against Women and Girls

DOMESTIC ABUSE AWARENESS MONTH, joint event of World Bank, IADB and IMF, with US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, October 2008
"You were amazing!!! Secretary Albright was trying to eat a sandwich, her lunch, in a waiting room upstairs. She had just finished meeting with the World Bank President and had been on the go all day. I told her to relax, that she had time to eat. When you started playing, she jumped out of her seat and said I'm ready!! She did not want to miss a minute of your performance. Thanks again for sharing your talents and adding such energy to the launch of our Domestic Violence Awareness month. I look forward to seeing you again".
Elizabeth E. Legrain
Domestic Abuse Prevention Coordinator
The World Bank Group

Marine Corps Marathon - October 2008
"I just want to thank you and the rest of Batala for your Marine Corps Marathon performance. Batala was well-received by the runners and one of the most popular bands on the course! "
Tami Faram, Community Relations Organizer

Marine Corps Marathon - October 2008
"If you can make me smile at mile 20, you are something special.".

RiskMetrics Group Holiday Party - December 2008
"Thank you and your band for an outstanding performance. It was a wonderful idea for the holiday party! I’ve received great feedback on your band’s impressive show! "
Regards, Dennis Harding

University of the District of Columbia - December 2008
"Batala is awesome! I've never heard a sound like it before. It was like acombination of a black college drum line, mixed with reggae, and jazz. I can't wait to hear them again! Batala, Hey! "
Twyla L. Jones
International Admission Advisor/PDSO
University of the District of Columbia

Walk Now for Autism Charity Walk @ the Washington Monument - November 2008
"Hi! I saw you perform at the Walk for Autism (Autism Speaks) this past weekend in DC. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you guys and how amazing I thought you sounded. I would like to thank you personally for taking the time to perform at such an important event. You guys are wonderful! ".

"Please tell all the women who wonderful they made the event for all of us. It was just incredible. Thanks again, and BATALA HEY! ".
Ann Gibbons, Esq. Executive Director
Autism Speaks National Capital Area

Fiesta Musical @ Smithsonian National Zoo - September 2008
"Please pass on my deepest appreciation to everyone in Batala, the group was undoubtedly the high point of this year's festival.  The energy was incredible and you were all having so much fun the crowd couldn't help but have fun too.

I wanted to thank you personally for uniting Batala and the Smithsonian's National Zoo. You were such a pleasure to work with and have started what I believe is the beginning of a long relationship".

Dan Pierron
Special Events Manager
Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ)

DC United - July 2008

"This talented and vibrant group of young ladies bring the true spirit of Brazilian Drum groups to you. Their infectious samba-reggae beats are sure to draw a large crowd and get everyone smiling and moving. We have had the pleasure of working with Batala of Washington D.C. throughout our 2008 season. They have appeared twice in our tailgate experience area and twice on field at half time, and we hope to continue to build a working relationship between Batala and D.C. United."
Evan Bailes, D.C. United

Farragut Square Rehearsal - September 2008
"I walked through Faragut Square this morning and there was a drum group of about 50 women. From some shirts I think they are called Batala.

They were really good, and it seemed appropriate to be in Faragut Square, since they sounded like a warship on the attack.... I stopped to listen and drew one of the women at the front of the group....".

Drawing by Tom Peirce

Hot August Blues Festival - August 2008
"Batala was a big hit at the 16th annual Hot August Blues. I hear as much about you guys as our main stage acts. You will be back next year for sure.".
Brad Selko
Director, Hot August Blues

Clarendon Mardi Gras Parade - February 2008
"Everyday, it seems, someone raves about Batala at the Mardi Gras Parade and everyone within hearing agrees emphatically...I'm so grateful to you for bringing Batala to the parade.".
Roni Freeman
Executive Director, Clarendon Alliance
Clarendon Mardi Gras Parade

Riverdale Park Day - October 2008
"Thank you guys so much!!! You were fabulous! It was a great way to kick off the event - please extend my gratitude to the group - thanks!".
the Buzz
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